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BB Mobile Board


BB Mobile board or you may call it visual planning board are very practical and useful. BB people use the board all the time.

Of course, BB Mobile board creates a stylish workspace. Moreover, it is known that modern, inspiring workplaces the way an office is designed affects not just people’s experience but also their mood, behaviour, productivity and everything in between. Mobile boards are no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity.

BB uses mobile boards mostly in the reception area or terrace, lounges or for any kind of staff meetings, events, lessons.

Because of the mobility of the board, it can be easily transported from one boardroom to the next one; or can be used outside for every kind of events or projects, to pin information letters on it, etc.

What’s more, these BB mobile boards are quite wide and you are able to write without restriction.

BB boards made of high quality materials and are ideal for intensive, long-term use. This is dry erase board and has both work surfaces with a steel backing that allows it to accept magnets.


  • Workation
  • Mastermind lecture
  • Info magnet board
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Visual planning board


More details of this dashing mobile board for you to have in your destination.

BIG BERRY mobile Board is a dashing and smart furniture that can be easily taken whatever you desire or need to use it. 

Are you planning to have a meeting, presentations, workshops or only a game indoors or outdoors? Take a look at this amazing item and get inspired by its versatility.