Luxury of freedom




Always visible and present on the road - BIG BERRY MINI car. It is small but has power, like a berry. Berries are small fruits but they have a lot of vitamins inside and power to keep you healthy. You can wrap the car in different styles: BROWN BERRY, BLUE BERRY, ORANGE BERRY and BIG BERRY corporate colour. By far, the easiest car to find on a full parking lot.


  • Brand visibility
  • Visiting local partners
  • Business trips
  • Ideal for a photo shoot

Designer of BB MINI Car

Alessandro Rado, It

As Founder of 3BN in 2001 he directed projects international and start-ups of import / export between Europe and Far East. Funded by HHD in 2004 and first in Italy starts the project of mobile home design to a tourist destination. He continues his path as creative director of H16, so it develops prefab projects by realizing single housing units and omnidirectional units directional, including H-Farm, Union Lido, PuntAla. In Dogtrot he is the CEO, strategic planner and art director for the prefab design part.