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BB Golf Cart


BB golf cars can be perfect for vacation property, resorts, campgrounds, college campuses, etc. These are versatile vehicles that allow us to drive to places that cars or larger vehicles cannot go to.

The golf car comes with its advantages. It can be used in many ways: for fun (events, tours), property maintenance (gardening, utility tools) or as a transportation vehicle (for children, disabled people, etc.).

Golf cars were originally designed for elderly golf players and those with disabilities that‘s why it‘s perfect for older people if you have them visiting your place. They do not need any license to drive this car, and it‘s perfect for them to drive bigger distances.

The BB golf car makes so many things easier - from transportation of the food to the BBQ house until the delivery of the breakfast basket to the guest’s porch every morning. Sometimes we even give small tours to our guests.


  • Events
  • Tours
  • Property maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Promotion and company representation