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BB Egg Swing Chair


BIG BERRY Hanging Egg Chairs have been putting smiles on people's faces for absolutely years!

Hanging lounge outdoors is one of life‘s simplest pleasures. It‘s a nice place to relax outside and drink some tea or read a book. BB guests love to enjoy beautiful sceneries. Blue sky, green trees surrounding. This hanging egg chair quickly becomes a favorite retreat for everyone in the BB resort.

Egg-shaped swing chairs are transforming ordinary outdoor areas, adding a touch of comfort and glamour to any corner, creating a cozy spot to enjoy views, or just hang out and relax.

Hanging chairs constructed from strong and durable steel and other durable materials also includes comfortable, tufted, single polyester cushion.

Egg-shaped swing chairs are trending at the moment. This inviting style and gorgeous, intricate design will make you want to relax on your patio every day. Sit in luxurious comfort while surrounded by the peace and beauty of BB resort surroundings.


  • Lounge area
  • Photo shoot
  • Workation
  • Picnic seat