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BB Coffee Table


When you sit and relax in one of the butterfly chairs you will find a small table next to you, with multiple purposes.

Outdoor coffee table, or you can call it a chat table, is for all of your outdoor entertainment events. It can also serve as an excellent object to put some outdoor decorations on or as a help table indoors.

The importance of the coffee table lays as a key component to a lounging situation. Trust us... summer time without a coffee table... It's just not going to work... The BB Coffee Table looks simple, but at the same time stylish, aesthetic and reliable.

Our coffee tables are made of durable metal material and it comes in a round shape. It is made of easy metal which makes tables easy to carry and store. This tables makes the perfect match with our outside butterfly chairs. Small table just big enough to set down a couple of coffee mugs, books or laptop. Actually, perfect for so much more than just your mug.


  • Coffee breaks
  • BBQ event
  • Flore decoration
  • Indoor extra table
  • Projection table
  • Alternative seat
  • Natural and visible place for magazines and brochures