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#Adopt an Intern in Domačija Kuzma

Help, I need somebody! Help, not just anybody... but an intern from BIG BERRY!

The second 'adaptation' in terms of the BIG BERRY project 'Adopt an Intern' took place on 25 of July. 'Adopt an Intern' is the project through which BIG BERRY is trying to provide needed help to the partners. One intern from the company is going to the partner's organization approximately for one day in order to go deeper into the process of production and get closer to it.

This week Alice or Alisa or whatever you want from Russia (but she loves and studies in Finland) went to spend an amazing day helping Urška Kuzma from 'Domačija Kuzma'. The day started wonderfully at 9 in the morning. What can be better than a cup of coffee near the river with your feet in the water? A warm welcome and short plan of the day in the nature. Fantastic!

A morning is not a morning without exercises! The best one when you're close to the river is canoeing. Together with Urška an adopted intern decided to try not an ordinary canoeing, but canoeing with an electrical motor! The girls were pretending to be captains and for Alice (or Alisa or whatever) it would not do easy! To rule a canoe you need to have the feeling and know exactly where you need to turn. Luckily they didn't repeat the history of Titanic!  After a journey through peaceful morning Kolpa and enjoying the nature, small islands and fishes, the time for a brunch (something between breakfast and lunch) has come. Urška kindly prepared meat and bread from the farmer next to their places. For drinks, of course, home-made wine.

Full and happy, adopted Alice (or Alisa or whatever) was ready to move to the main part of the day — producing rakija. Rakija is made of dried grapes and is being kept in huge 50 liters bottles. After it reaches certain condition, it's time for rakija to be moved to a smaller bottle for measuring the amount of alcohol degrees. This one BIG BERRY team tried! A special alcohol thermometer shows you the amount of degrees by going deeper into the water. How much it sinks, that much is the amount of degrees. That day rakija was about 53 degrees. Usually Urška and her mom produce herb rakija or chili rakija. BIG BERRY team went crazy (as usual)! First rakija an adopted intern made was a killer one. She just didn't know about the amount of chili she needs to put! Too many peppers in one bottle. The second one was with herbs. Hopefully, this one will be better. Then... mixing! Herbs with lemon, chili with lemon, herbs with chili, just lemon, sweetened and unsweetened! Try everything.

After producing rakija, Urška kindly showed to the team a secret beach not so far from the meal. The place full of peace and calmness. Amazingly beautiful. After that the team together with Urška made a trip to the local cave, which is not fully explored yet. A great journey in the style of Indiana Jones' movies! The day in Domačija Kuzma slowly went to an end. The last but not least was a very important for BIG BERRY thing — the beginning of 'BIG BERRY Synergy Circle'. It's a new project in terms of which BIG BERRY partners will exchange their products. The main goal is to make all of them closer to each other through sharing goods. The first stop on the way of the circle — amazing spreads from Zlati Ghee for Domačija Kuzma. Once Urška tried it, she couldn't stay indifferent. Giving to her products from Zlati Ghee and receiving rakija for the next partner, BIG BERRY Synergy Circle has started.

All in all, Urška, an adopted intern, and team responsible for photo and video spent amazing time together. Hopefully, the rakija will be fine! Anyway, we need to go to Domačija Kuzma again to try rakijas made by BIG BERRY. See you there soon and be ready for the next adoption! ;)

Video Adopt an intern: Domačija Kuzma

Written by: Alisa Kivirian