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Second designers of the 2018 season

After the successful launch of the 2018 season of the Design Year Project, BIG BERRY Kolpa River had a great pleasure to welcome a second group of designers. During three epic days, 10 student designers from the department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - University of Ljubljana - unleashed their imagination at "the most comfortable place to design", Saša Dragaš, to create fabrics to make the BIG BERRY experience even more connected to nature and freedom for everyone!

What amazing three days we had! Our young designers and BB Team had some memorable moments that we want to share with you. On Tuesday morning, the scents of coffee and tea slowly spread through the BIG BERRY atmosphere. Our new designers arrived in small groups. It was the perfect way to introduce ourselves and get to know each other better. Our eleventh guest, a small and funny doggo named Effi, got a chance to discover its new territory. After the chill introduction, BB Team showed them around the resort: the houses, nature as well as murals. After that, they had a brief introduction to the BB Designer environment so they could stimulate their designing process at this LUXURY OF FREEDOM. Lunch prepared with love by our BB Team that consisted of delicious polenta, vegetables and an appetizing goulash was the perfect opportunity to regain energy.

What followed after lunch was the chance to enjoy nature, discover the environment and to just feel comfortable and quiet. After that, the designers were introduced to the BIG BERRY Brand and different BB Brand Elements.

BBdesignyear NTF BBpresentation

After that, they had some free time so they could find their inspiration. The day ended with an amazing and funny game night.

“Designing at Big Berry was special, as one can understand their concept by living there. For me, it was a unique designing process, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity!”, Pia Požek

The next day was dedicated to work and creation.  There is no better place to start than RIC in Črnomelj, surrounded by creative young minds that enrich Bela krajina’s region. Kristian Asani, the project coordinator, presented us the incubator along with the purpose of this organization. Designers also had the chance to meet the 1st BB Mastermind of 2018, Martina Simonić from 8 Shadows. She showed us her work space, her creations and shared a some privileged moments with us.

BBdesignyear NTF RIC BBdesignyear NTF RIC 2

After that, the student designers started designing. It was another occasion for the BB Team to catch their inspirational and focused sights: “Process is always based on experiences while enjoying it. It was amazing to work with such a creative bunch of young people”, Ajda Rep

 BBdesignyear NTF designingprocess 2

We came back at the BIG BERRY Resort and used the nice weather to design in nature and to have a tasty BB Barbecue with some beers from Pivovarna Vizir.

After lunch, we went to a BB Partner Domačija Kuzma, located on a wonderful and natural place along the Kolpa River. We explored the traditional mill, had the chance to try some of their l well-known rakija, and of course, searched inspiration for creation of the new BB elements. The rest of the evening and night was a series of fun activities for everyone.

BBdesignyear NTF BBpartner Domacija KuzmaJPG

On their last day, the designers went to see one of the biggest textile factories in Slovenia and a proud traditional industry of Bela krajina - Beti. Led by Matija Štrucelj, we went through the history and the process of production, which was truly inspiring for BB designers.

BBdesignyear NTF Beti

After lunch and a very sweet fruity moment with BB Partners Kmetija Pavlovič and Kmetija Kočevar, it was time for a farewell.

People, nature, lights, comfortable place… The designers gave praise to their time at the Luxury of freedom. Inspiration could be found everywhere and we are sure that both BIG BERRY and Bela krajina’s region enlightened their potential. Interior and exterior textile decorating, embroideries, tablecloth, pillows, carpets… numerous new designs and various redesigns have been made. It was an amazing 3 days, with these 10 talented, funny and dynamic young designers.

BBdesignyear NTF designingprocess BBdesignyear NTF designingprocess 3

BIG BERRY is honoured to have welcomed these 10 young Slovenian designers and glad to have had the chance to see these rising brilliant designers at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.


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By Augustin Martinez

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