Luxury of freedom

Kmetija Pavlovič

It all runs in the family

Danilo Pavlovič is a family man, father of 2 with a regular job but with the passion of running his farm in the Southeast Slovenia, growing biological fruits and vegetables. Love towards what he does gives him a motivation to always find new ways to be different and unique. On this family farm there is something for everyone - you'll be able to see the fields of fruits and vegetables, taste their most amazing berries and pick them by hands, chase the chickens and pet the cute little rabbits.                                                              Apart from running a successful family business, in his free time Danilo also loves to cook for his kids, so for the 7th edition of BB Chef he prepared a traditional Slovenian breakfast, when we all had the chance to eat like real locals.

Berries - best of nature

Did you know that berries are among the healthiest foods on earth? At Kmetija Pavlovič berries can be found in different forms - fresh, raw, jam, juice and even wine. Pavlovič homemade raspberry wine is their top specialty. Wondering how raspberry wine is being made? It might be a secret, but it is definitely the best one we tried so far! If you don’t trust us, you can read other experiences!

Visit Kmetija Pavlovič

Address: Križevska vas 42, Metlika 
P: +386 (0)40 722 000
Facebook: @pavlovickmetija 
Photos: Flickr Gallery


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