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Bela krajina products

Belokranjski izdelki (Bela krajina products) is a story created by a team of young locals with a desire to present the products with Bela krajina identity in one place.

"Our greatest wish and value is to spread the identity of Bela krajina through a wide range of domestic products."

Get to know the first and only online store that has all the Bela krajina products in one place.

In it you will find everything from world-class sparkling wines, beers from domestic brewery, fresh marmalade, forged black human fish, knitted kingfisher, wooden jewelry, designer socks with prints of Bela krajina flowers, CDs from folklore groups, wool products, to the domestic honey from an unspoiled oasis in the corner of Slovenia.

Take a piece of Bela krajina with you home.

Let the unforgettable memories you have created in the land of the birch trees be awakened to you again anytime.

Facebook: @belokranjskiizdelki
Phone: +386 (0) 40 398 528


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