Luxury of freedom

Welcoming Aleksandra Saša Sadar, a renaissance creative and versatile designer in the BB Product Design project

Aleksandra Saša Sadar is a woman with a wide range of fields: she works in architecture, design, music and media. She has nearly two decades of working experience both independently and with different creative groups. She has her own brand QLEXA, which stands for Quality Life Expansion Art. In her words, QLEXA is “the beginning of a path, a journey of exploring life as a whole in a way, where merging and transforming various factors, conditions and components into a custom-made living, working environment, achieving harmonious energy vibration, comes as a challenge and a goal at the same time.”

Aleksandra is coming to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with her colleagues from GIG Coworking, a creative coworking space located in Grosuplje, Slovenia. It will be interesting to see how she will combine all her fields of interest together with the inspirational nature of BIG BERRY!


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