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This year’s A’Design winner, BAGGIZ, is coming to BB Fashion Design project!

BIG BERRY is proud to welcome Ana Golubić Brozović and Tomislav Brozović and their brand BAGGIZ in BB Fashion Design project! Ana, trained fashion designer and Tomislav, trained graphic designer, created BAGGIZ company back in 2006 from scratch and now they are one of the most successful fashion entrepreneurs in Croatia and proud holder of two A’Design awards! They won the awards first in 2016 for Vrecha bag and the second in 2018 for Simplicity ECO friendly business bag.

Needless to say Ana firstly wanted to create bags for herself, but the market all over Europe fell so much in love with them that she is now fully focused on designing her smart and creative bags.

BAGGIZ creates urban handbags in an innovative way using high quality materials. For us it is important to know the origin of all materials used in our collections, that is why they are 100% fair-trade and locally made and all their bags are hand made with care in their own little factory. A real BERRY kind of approach!

Now it is time to use this successful concept in creation new BB brand elements!

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