Luxury of freedom

Opening our new season with BIG BERRY Chef Damnjan Draganić!

This 28th of April, we will have the honour to host our new BIG BERRY Chef Damnjan Draganić to open the 2018 season of BIG BERRY Kolpa River.

‘Cooking is an endless art, every plate is actually a mirror of your personality’. This is how BB chef Damnjan DraganiĆ, native from a small sea town in Croatia, describes his work. Through his many experiences in hotels and competitions he took part such as culinary Olympics and national contests, the best young Croatian chief shows his self-confidence, expression and freedom in his creations.

Currently executive chief in a luxury hotel in the Tirol region in Austria, Damnjan Draganić and his kitchen – as he likes to say – will compound you, this next 28th of April for the BIG BERRY opening season event, a menu that smells mountains and feels the sea to make this day special and unforgettable!

More info about BIG BERRY Chef project here.

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