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New season sets off with a sweet taste : BIG BERRY Chef Gorazd Potočnik

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate chocolate? If your answer is close to 10, you would love our next BIG BERRY Chef Gorazd Potočnik and his creative style of preparing the food!

Based in Slovenia, this chef has been preparing delicious desserts since 2001. His passion for preparing desserts has helped to build a successful career, during which he had the chance to learn and cook side by side with many famous chefs, such asas Salvatore Tome, Stéphane Glacier and Gianluca Fustoja.

After 14 years of intense work, Gorazd Potočnik has decided to start working on his own. He decided to share his knowledge and skills with other young chefs through several TV shows in Slovenia and Bosnia.  Also, he opened a home workshop, where he prepares various delicious and high quality desserts, which satisfy even the most delicate palates and those who appreciate good design.

He is going to share his passion with us on 28th of April. So, save the date and stay tuned for some delicious treats.

Find out more about the chef on Facebook  and on the website

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