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It is time for new BB Art colony experience in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort

For the second year in a row, BIG BERRY will bring street art into the nature. Like many other tourist resorts in Slovenia and Croatia also BIG BERRY Kolpa River resort is opening its doors in April. But, it is opening with a big bang! Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian artists will be creating a street full of art for more than two weeks and bring iconic BIG BERRY houses to life.

One of the most important, colorful and well received projects is BB Art Colony – in April 2018 for the first time eight international artists from Slovenia, Spain and Croatia created for a total of 143 m2 of paintings and successfully transferred the street art into an unspoiled nature near Kolpa river and in BIG BERRY Wies, Austria. These works of art quickly became the trademark of BIG BERRY houses.

So, after last year’s first resort makeover BB Houses in Kolpa River Resort are eager to find out which outfits were prepared for them by this year’s artists. BIG BERRY is super honored to greet 9 artists from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Anja Polh, Dejan Kralj, Marko Rop, Meta Wraber, Monika Lang, Nastja Mezek, Taja Sever - kukamkuro, Tea Jurišić - Kvar illustrations and Teja Ideja - Teja Kleč are art magicians who will show real BIG BERRY’s nature - as magical, dreamy land filled with love, luxury of freedom, hedonism and miraculous creatures.

They will create a new artistic street along the Kolpa River. The entire creative process will be open to the public from the 5th to the 19th of April so come, see, be inspired and enjoy the beautiful Bela krajina region while you do that. However, these unique artworks will stay with us throughout the season.

If you are wondering what happened to last year’s murals - don’t worry, 143m2 of art made by Maja Biondić, Ninja Tiger, Pekmezmed - Ines Milčić, ojoMAGico - Jadranka Lacković, Cristina Ramirez Bueno, Tifanirubi - Sanja Stojković, Rina Barbarić, Nina Urh and Maja Biondić are already living their new lives - from touring different conferences and events, living their best lives in different BIG BERRY resorts, to preparing for showing their beauty in museums.

But, in confidence, even though BB Houses had a hard time separating from their very first murals they seem to be thrilled to meet their artists, stories behind murals, al those magical creatures who will share with them all amazing experiences, people from all over the world, new loves, children’s laughs, curious pets, calm evenings and season changing.

We bet you can’t wait to hear more about them, too! So, let’s start.

New make-over and BB Art Colony 2019 can officially start!

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