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Fresh energy is coming with the beginning of BIG BERRY Fashion Design Project

Fresh energy of young and creative designers is about to fill BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.

We are so glad to announce the official beginning of BIG BERRY Design Year Project 2018! Design Year project combines two creative activities: Fashion Design and Product Design through which we will redesign and design elements for BIG BERRY brand with brilliant minds from the region. Those new elements will become part of the three types of BIG BERRY house: BLUE BERRY (for coastal and seaside areas), BROWN BERRY (for continental areas, mountains and lakes)  and ORANGE BERRY (for urban areas and rooftops). 

For this project, BIG BERRY will greet participants from different backgrounds: from students and young designers to well-established designers. BIG BERRY is so happy and proud to be able to connect all of them and to introduce them to the BIG BERRY concept and the Bela krajina region. This is an honor to have the opportunity to encourage young designers in one of their first steps in business.

For the official beginning of the Design Year Project 2018, BIG BERRY will host the very first designers - students from TTF Zagreb – Faculty of Textile Technology: Marusa Zorko, Martina Vinčazović, Veronika Levak, Stjepan Gluščić, Helena MatićAriana Juratović, Analisa Marić and their professor Irena Šabarić and her assistant Franka Karin who will make BIG BERRY environment even more magical !

To welcome them properly, the BIG BERRY team decided to greet them with a nice and healthy barbecue lunch. The team and the designers all enjoyed a fish from BIG BERRY partner Izletniška kmetija Zupančič and vegetables seasoned with some garlic ghee from BIG BERRY partner Zlati ghee.

Now that our  designers have their belly full, they are more than ready to bring freshness to BIG BERRY !

Process of re/designing BIG BERRY brand has officially started!!

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