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DEŽELAK JUNAK on its journey through BIG BERRY

The charity adventure DEŽELAK = JUNAK, that is being held for already 6 years in Slovenia, continues this year as well! In 8 days Miha Deželak will travel around Slovenia on its bicycle in 8 stages to raise money for the children who cannot afford to go on a summer holiday.   

The adventure began on Friday, June 12 from capital Ljubljana, where Miha together with Radio Radio 1 and its partners started this 8-days adventure around Slovenia. 

In the fourth stage of the route on June 15, during the tour of Bela krajina, BIG BERRY was one of the stops, where miha Deželak has a task to prepare an Italian dish with Rio Mare tuna, with a little help of Ana Zontar from Anina kuhinja. This attempt was a success and Miha prepared a delicious pasta with tuna.

This event instantly took us back in the days of BB Chef, when we enjoyed in happy moments over the great food. 

If you would like to know more about this great adventure, click HERE to follow the journey of DEŽELAK JUNAK.

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