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BB Fashion Design project is only happy when it REINs!

As summer is about to say goodbye until next year, BIG BERRY Kolpa River Lifestyle Resort is about to prepare for autumn season. And most representative symbol of autumn is our old friend - rain. We are more than happy to say we are about to have new BIG BERRY friend - REIN who will help us get through rainy days.

REIN is Belgrade based fashion brand focused on designing and creating raincoats. Not only they are super practical, especially if you work on countryside, but they are made out of quality PVC material which is transformed into stunning designs.

REIN will be presented in BIG BERRY Fashion Design project by BB designer, Elena Dušej, fashion and textile designer who founded brand alongside Igor Milanović, graphic designer after numerous lost umbrellas.

REIN time has come and we couldn’t be more happy because of it!

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