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Kmetija Kočevar’s Day

Credit: BBteam

June 3rd 2018 wasn’t a typical day at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River because it was Kmetija Kočevar’s day! For this event, we were pleased to invite the Tabay Brothers, our 5th BB Chef team, along with our 5th mastermind Arné Verhoef. Both had something in common with our partner Boštjan Kočevar, the owner of Kmetija Kočevar - Passion for hemp!

The event started with an interesting talk about “how hemp can play an important role in human health?”. Arné showed us that hemp can be used in a number of ways! It can be used as an efficient insulating material which could keep the freshness in your house during summer and protect you from cold weather during winter. It can also be transformed in a healthy drug which heals a lot of diseases and relieves the pain without any side effects. At the end of his talk, Boštjan Kočevar added his point of view about the benefits of using hemp. According to him, those benefits are nowadays still unknown because of the government restrictions. This obstacle makes the production of made hemp  based medicine expensive. In the future, we hope that this healthy practice will be accepted as real medicine!

After this captivating lesson, the Tabay Brothers welcomed us to the BBbarbecue place and offered us an appetizer. Sumptuous cocktails made from Simonič Semiška Penina sparkling wine and Kmetija Kočevar’s liquor were on the table and they were really tasty! Afterwards, they prepared those “Hempburgers” that we were waiting for all day. We enjoyed those while we were chatting with guests and friends, sitting on the BBbarbecue’s benches and listening to chill music in this cosy atmosphere.

Come to BIG BERRY Kolpa River to feel this unique experience!

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