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BBcoffee & BBteatable


BB Coffee & BB Tea Table is only one more sign of how versatile a furniture can be if projected to attend people in their different everyday needs and at the same time not to take too much space. Intelligent furniture for smart business and guests!

Modern. Versatile. Intelligent.


  • Parties
  • Coffee Breaks 

BB Coffee & BB Table Renders

More details of this impressively modern and authentic furniture can be seen on the renders.

Ready to receive a mini fridge, BB Coffee & BB Table can be easily moved from one place to another, being an easy "kitchen tool" that will bring practicality to BIG BERRY resort destinations events, meals and daily life.

David Cugelj


David Cugelj, Slo

As a dynamic person he is most satisfied when he is expanding his horizons. He enjoys discovering new ideas and always strives to find the best solutions. To that end, he doesn't look for inspiration in others; he wants to create new stories, rather than just repeating old ones. He enjoys working with numerous clients on different projects and he is constantly keeping tabs on the latest developments in industrial design. In this way, day after day, he fills his working hours by doing what he loves the most: creating.