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BB Mobile Hot Tub


BIG BERRY brand elements include as well the hot tub on the porch of every BIG BERRY house. Watch the river and breath clean and fresh air, while relaxing in the water, is up to you.

All BB houses have all the amenities you will need for a peaceful, romantic getaway. And we won‘t forgot hot tubs. We call it a final activity after a busy day at BIG BERRY resort.

BB guests love outdoor hot tubs because it is the most hilarious and awesome thing ever. Treats your body and provides you relaxing hydrotherapy session. Imagine the views you could soak in!

The incredible combination of a relaxing outdoor hot tub in BB resort with its breathtaking nature surrounding guarantees your guests to have a blast.

There is nothing better than sinking into a warm outdoor hot tub after a long day of exploring all the fun things to do in the BB resort far away from the stresses of the world. Not only is this a good way to relax your muscles, but it is also the perfect way to clear your mind and reflect on all the excitement you experienced during the long and active day.


  • Romantic or relaxing evening
  • Foam party
  • Creative Karaoke party
  • Aroma- and hydrotherapy
  • Outdoor cinema

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David Cugelj, Slo

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