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Blue Berry Mobile House

Hosekra Big berry blue berry Floor plan 2 pers
Dimensions 34 m2
Rooms 1 bathroom, 1 living room, 1 bedroom
Materials inside All the materials are high quality, web design furniture. Sending bleached maple, tempered glass, aluminum, Kerrock, Inox, mirrors, textiles, laminates, ...
Materials outside Aluminum, glass, WPC, polycarbonate, mesh, ...

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Hosekra Blue Berry 4


  • stainless steel workbench with wall cladding, built-in sink and free-standing tap
  • Round white ceramic hob, touch control
  • inox self-standing fridge with freezer
  • Built-in kitchen hood with carbon filter
  • LED strip under the above kitchen elements
  • soft closing of kitchen elements
  • stainless steel handles on kitchen elements
  • hidden drawer 1x
  • kitchen wall cabinet with lifting doors
  • double outlet in the closet and under the above kitchen elements
  • stainless steel built-in microwave oven (O)
  • 40' TV and DVD player (O)
Hosekra Blue Berry 6


  • 200x200 built-in bed with latoflex
  • large storage compartment beside the bed
  • large closet with shelves and mirror inside, soft closing
  • high curtains on the closet
  • reading lamp beside the bed 2x
  • Light in wardrobe
  • hangers on the wall, large and small
  • high sliding doors with soft closing 70x250cm
  • el. water heater 50l
  • space for luggage under the beds
  • dimming blinds on the windows (O)
  • built-in safe (O)
Hosekra Blue Berry 9


  • shower 80x140cm; h=250cm, with tempered glass
  • flush fitting, WPC flooring
  • build-in toilet kettle
  • hanging ceramic toilet bowl with silent closing board
  • hanging ceramic bidet with tap
  • Kerrock sink on cabinet with a free-standing tap
  • Mirror on the wall with light
  • power outlet by the mirror
  • large and small hangers on the wall
  • shelf for disposal under the window
  • drawers for storage obowe the sink
  • high sliding doors with soft closing 70x250cm
  • hair dryer (O)
2 Blue 04

Living room

  • sofa, optional colors
  • large table
  • 2 designer chairs
  • card reader
  • Inverter air conditioning (O)
  • color dimming blinds on the windows (O)
  • stopsol on all windows (O)
  • channel inverter air conditioning (O)
2 Blue 05

Main space

  • entertainment box
  • space for inverter air conditioning above
  • LED TV 40, DVD (O)
  • folding TV allows to watch also from veranda (O)
  • space for charging phones
  • space for shoes below
Hosekra Blue Berry 1


For design of the terrace we had in mind usability and durability of the materials. Specially selected materials for the terrace allow you to use it without worrying about the weather and at the same time you are in contact with nature.

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