Luxury of freedom


Create your own fairytale

You can create the wedding of your dreams and make it a fairytale that you will share with your beloved ones. Share your passion and desires, and make this special day count!

Spacious venue

Make the moment even more special on the open, spacious wedding area in the natural surroundings, under the maple trees and alongside Kolpa river.

Luxury accommodation

Spacious, fully equipped luxury homes with a hot tub assure a real romantic atmosphere while providing coziness and feeling of home. Discover this unique experience.

Untouched nature

Being far away from the city crowds became a true luxury. That’s why, here you can experience a true luxury of freedom in the middle of unspoilt nature and fully enjoy its beauty.

Customized service

This one in a lifetime event needs to be unforgettable and carefully created by fulfilling the wishes of the bride and groom. That’s why we try to create an atmosphere where anything is possible.

Unique wedding photography

Beautiful Kolpa River surrounded by untouched nature is a perfect combination for the couples photoshoot. Creating magic with pure nature and using big swing, circle, canoe or bicycles.

For more information about your dream wedding contact us on [email protected]

Tent for events

Large 200 m2 tent for 120 people.

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