Luxury of freedom


Mural magicians created 130 m2 of pure art in BIG BERRY Kolpa river resort

When starting BIG BERRY Art Colony project, we wanted to create street full of art in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resortand connect with creative artists who created murals on BIG BERRY houses inspired by the idea of being free in nature. But, at the end we got way more. Seven artist from three countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Spain) spent 9 days with BB Team in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and during the process of connecting with resort and nature, we became family. One creative family.

Murals, currently located in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, after season 2018 will be part of travel exhibition. Don't miss a chance to see live masterpieseces created by Nina UrhRina BarbarićTifanirubi, ojoMAGicoCristina Ramirez, Pekmezmed and Ninja Tigerour talented artists.


Nina Urh

The fact that Slovenian artist, Nina Urh, came with her 2 assistants – husband Bojan and their biggest support,, baby Ada, goes to prove the family spirit entwined in the project. Ada came with only 3 teeth but left with 6 and a bunch of aunts and unkles who were constantly fighting over their time to babysit. Slovenian family created mural which represents life and joy in Kolpa River. Inspired by Kolpa's calmness which feeds its surroundings, they used basic shapes and clean colors to give us a great lesson – simplicity brings you to the essence of things. It was surely followed by their own example.

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Nina Urh Photo Matko Mestrovic 2

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Nina Urh Photo Matko Mestrovic



Rina Barbarić

Their first BIG BERRY neighbour was Croatian artist educated in Ljubljana and London, which currently works in Zagreb, Croatia. Rina Barbarić uses her motivation to demonstrate the freedom of creating in nature which was aditionally inspired by the shape of the wall. Her work repersents playfulness and creativity which is naturally born from the feeling of freedom.




+ NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Rina Barbaric Photo Matko Mestrovic



Tifanirubi was exploring the idea of relation between culture and nature and the idea of human need for creation and redesigning its habitus. She is constantly driven by the forces of Nature for which she says is not here to rule but to exist in constant change. Ours is to be present and observe. To feel free in this process of continuous change.

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Tifanirubi Photo Matko Mestrovic

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Tifanirubi Photo Jadranka Lackovic 2



ojoMAGico, or Jadranka Lacković, created a whole fairyland where the main stars are birds, berries, little fairy and flowers. Her mural represents both freedom and safety because for her the essence of freedom is feeling safe and protected. If you look closer, you can see tiny fairy surrounded with birds, her guardians. Fun fact – ojoMAGico drew birds she heard while she was drawing the freedom in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony ojoMAGico Photo Jadranka Lackovic

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony ojoMAGico Photo Matko Mestrovic


Cristina Ramirez

BB Art Colony had its black queen, Spanish contemporary artist Cristina Ramirez who demonstrated the representation of a cosmic horror by which she demonstrated freedom which comes in the moment when we both let go and embrace our fears. Remember, there is a beauty in every darkness.

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Cristina Ramirez Photo Jadranka Lackovic 2




Pekmezmed, our fairy from the woods, far far away, created a mural which magic Kolpa fairy. Not only is she stunning, but rumour says that she also has some superpowers. If you don't believe it, visit BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and withness the magic.

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Pekmezmed Photo Matko Mestrovic 4

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Pekmezmed Photo Matko Mestrovic 3


Ninja Tiger

Every group has its mistery guy, so ours is not an exception. Even though he is hiding his identity, our mystic Ninja Tiger eventualy became our first BIG BERRY resident cat. This kitty left us with two murals, both inspired the luxury of freedom which only cats know.

NEWS FROM THE DESTINATIONS BB Art Colony Ninja Tiger Photo Jadranka Lackovic



Murals, currently located in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, after season 2018 will be part of travel exhibition. Don't miss a chance to see live masterpieseces created by those talented artists! And get ready because 2019 will bring us even more murals...