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#Adopt an intern in Krajinski Park Lahinja

Cutting the grass can be a boring, mandatory chore or it can be turned into a competition and a fun event for everyone! Our intern from Hungary Bertold Berényi learned this as he attended the traditional grass cutting contest in the Krajinski Park Lahinja.

The protected area covering the first seven kilometres of the River Lahinja is located in the heart of Bela krajina and it is full of natural beauty. The park is rich in natural and cultural heritage, which is manifested through eight protected natural monuments, six cultural monuments, and two natural reserves. Besides natural sights, the huge area features a mill, sawmill, typical church and a traditional farmhouse.

On an early Sunday morning Bertold headed to the Lahinja Park together with BIG BERRY team to compete in a traditional grass cutting contest. The contest is organized every summer at the park and it attracts people all ages from all over the region to spend a fun day outdoors. Each contestant will cut the grass on a marked piece of land and the fastest person to finish their area is the winner.

This event is a symbolic way for the people of Bela krajina region to help the community by mowing the grass in Krajinski Park Lahinja. It is also contributing to preserving the good conditions of the endangered plants and animals and their living environments. After the hard work of cutting the grass the winner is announced, and everyone gets a recognition for participating in the event. In the end it is time to play some fun traditional Slovenian games!

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