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#Adopt an Intern in Kmetija Pavlovič

Picking berries is a great activity for the end of summer. Picking berries with the team of BIG BERRY at the partner’s plantation is a dream (even though it may be hard to believe in)!

Pavlovič farm is a family farm from Metlika, specifically from Križevske village. Production on the farm is specialized in the integrated production of vegetables in indoor and outdoor space. Approximately one-third of the land is covered with plastic houses which are used to continue coverage in the early spring and late autumn, certain vegetables with overlays. In the plastic greenhouses, they grow strawberries and they also have the aronia plantation and raspberries. In 2013, they have registered a supplementary activity for cooking jams, juices and teas preparation. Also, one of the main specialties from Kmetija Pavlovič is raspberry wine. Being adopted by him was a great pleasure for a Russian/Finnish intern Alisa (or Alice or whatever you want).

Starting from June 2017 and throughout the summer season, each BIG BERRY Interns will spend a day with one of our partners in Bela Krajina in order to understand the process of producing goods and go deeper into the atmosphere. This is what ‘Adopt an intern’ is about.

Together with the team guys went to the aronia plantation and spent the evening helping the owner of Kmetija. “Aronia is a genus of deciduous shrubs, the chokeberries, in the family Rosaceae native to eastern North America and most commonly found in wet woods and swamps. The genus is usually considered to contain two or three species, one of which is naturalized in Europe. A fourth form that has long been cultivated under the name Aronia is now considered to be an intergeneric hybrid, Sorbaronia mitschurinii.” (Source:

Afterward, the workers were rewarded with a great dinner with home-made pogača, salami, wine and raspberry liquor. Moreover, Danilo kindly showed the guests his lovely animals. More than 60 rabbits! Can you imagine? A cat, a dog, and the cutest kittens. A fantastic ending to a productive evening! 

Video adopt an intern Kmetija Pavlovič

Written by: Alisa Kivirian

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