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#Adopt an Intern in Gostišče Veselič

What an exciting day to wake up to!

As a teenager, I always wanted to work in a restaurant or a café but never got the opportunity to do so back in india. But today, it was finally happening. I was going to work at Gostišče Veselič for the day, with Adreja who is our restaurant partner at BIG BERRY under the project ‘Adopt an Intern’. I had already met Andreja a couple of times earlier and was excited to work with her. I got to the restaurant at noon and we immediately sat down to decide what I will be doing for the day.

My day started off with cleaning a dusty book shelf to rearrange books and make it look pretty again. The restaurant has a book shelf which is a free library from where you can pick up a book or drop one off. So after the cleaning, we made new signs for the shelf in Slovenian and English and put them up next to the shelf explaining the concept of a free library. As soon as I was done with this, customers started to walk in. It was time to do the actual job. It was time to serve tables. It was an amazing experience for me to do this in slovenia as an indian. It was interesting to meet people and strike conversations with them and to answer all their questions about Indian culture and history.

So between serving tables, when we had time, we decided to run through the menu and make changes. We scrapped out things that Andreja wanted out of the menu, planned a layout for the new menu, decided on fonts, the look of the new menu and also decided to have a translated version of the menu.

At the peak hours, the team of BIG BERRY decided to stop by for lunch. So I took down the orders from the table and served them up with some mouth watering beef and mushroom soup, followed by grilled trout and pork served with a side of fried potatoes, then followed by a healthy fruit dessert.

Once, the team had left, I shot a couple of videos around the restaurant to make a vlog for which I had been shooting almost throughout the day. Andreja and I then sat down with some iced coffee and started going through her Instagram, Facebook and TripAdvisor accounts. We made a couple of changes on the social media and updated trip advisor.

My shift was almost coming to an end. We had a nice little chat, served some more people who came in for a late lunch and then wrapped up my day feeling exhausted.

As fun as it was, I realised how hard and tiring it is to work in a restaurant and had a new gained respect for everyone who does this! 

Video adopt an intern Gostišče Veselič

Story by Safah Sait

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