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Meet Vita Ivičić, golden flower from Bela krajina

After our zen fashion designer from Japan, Emi Fujisawa, BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort proudly welcomes Vita Ivičić, Slovenian designer whose biggest inspiration is nature, flowers, vintage textiles and traditional materials from all over the world.

Vita has been educated in two colleges in London: Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. She has been in the field of textile and fashion design for about five years and has become one of the most valuable promoters of Bela krajina’s textile treasures. Her work is recognized all over the world - last year she won award for the most innovative and experimental collection at Mittelmoda Fashion Competition in Milan, Italy

Vita uses flowers and other plants in her work, either printing or dyeing fabrics with them. It is an interesting tool to work with, because the result is always different depending on the material and the plant used. Vita loves to experiment with different natural materials and yarns from all over the world. She aspires to search unique, hand-made materials that she collects herself from the local people.

BIG BERRY People DY Vita working

BIG BERRY People DY Vita sketch

In Vita’s work, the biggest challenge is to create natural fashion in a commercial way: she really likes slow fashion, but with her techniques and the natural materials she uses, the process can be really slow and expensive. That is why Vita is constantly trying to make her work more commercial to be able to produce them in bigger amounts. That way she can really sell her products enough to make it a sustainable living.

Because Vita and her work are so well connected with nature, she really enjoyed her stay in BIG BERRY. Her favorite item in the resort is the herbal garden next to the terrace, and in her design she uses the herbs, berries and other natural elements as inspiration. In BB Fashion Design Project she enjoys the opportunity to meet designers from different fields with different aesthetics and experience. Her design idea for the project is to create socks, scarfs and kitchen towels with floral prints, and we are really excited waiting for the outcome of her creativity!