Luxury of freedom


Meet Veronika Levak, our Renaissance fashion designer

Our first future fashion designer Veronika Levak is actually a student from Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. Along with her professor Irena Šabarić  and her assistant Franka Karin, and her classmates, she will bring freshness to BIG BERRY.

This warm budding designer from Croatia has always been a bundle of creativity. “As far as I can remember, I have always been drawing, designing, creating something” she explained. That’s why, even though she studied tourism in high school, she decided to give it a shot and applied to the University of Zagreb  where she is now studying. Despite all the doubts that she might have had in the past, she has clearly found her way.

At the Faculty of Textile Technology, she has the chance to study both industrial production and design which broaden her knowledge in all the segments of the textile industry and she definitely loves it. While she was talking about her studies and what she likes the most about it, we could easily read passion in both her speech and her eyes. Being able to let her creativity express itself, as well as being able to create things is what she really loves.

Because of her passion for the Renaissance period and the early modern period, she wants to  become costume designer and design costume from this period. And since having a plan B is always better, hers is to become designer for a fashion house such as Zara for instance. No matter what she will do after graduation, she has a bright future in front of her; that’s for sure!

Greeting this great future designer and seeing her creativity bloom in BIG BERRY luxury of freedom has really been an honor.


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