Luxury of freedom


Meet Saša and Mitja, the dream team behind JAGABABA

August was a month full of amazing designers at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and it is time to introduce our last BB designers of the month, Saša and Mitja Škrjanec from JAGABABA! JAGABABA is a Slovenian family company that creates hand-made home textiles with inspiration from local stories, and we had the pleasure to welcome the whole lovely family to BIG BERRY: Saša, Mitja and their children Pia and Vid!

Saša and Mitja run JAGABABA together and have their own studio at their home in a small village close to Ljubljana. There they create their design magic: everything that they do, they do by hand. JAGABABA products are designed in their own studio, and everything is hand-printed and handcrafted. They want to tell a local story, with inspiration from Slovenian nature and culture, with their products that are made to suit everyone from Englishman to New Yorker. Mostly JAGABABA produces home textile for the bedroom, kitchen and living room. “We produce everything what you need for cozy and stylish living”, Saša describes.



JAGABABA is truly the dream work for Saša and Mitja – they love everything from designing, printing, packaging and delivering. They get to work from their lovely home in the Slovenian countryside, enjoy the freedom of creating their own time and being their own bosses – though that is also the hardest part of the work! Sometimes, their projects need a lot of preparation beforehand: when Saša and Mitja did a collection of souvenirs for the Ljubljana castle, they first spent half a year studying the history of the castle all the way from the medieval times up until today’s use of the castle! The preparation is always an important part of every design project, because Saša and Mitja want JAGABABA to be consistent in style: “We want people to say ‘yes, this is JAGABABA’. We don’t want to be trendy, we want to be timeless”.

In the BB Design Year Project, Saša and Mitja got to do what they do best: take inspiration from the Slovenian nature and create their amazing designs! Following their favorite quote, “the magic is in the details”, Saša and Mitja designed new items for the BB house such as tea towels, bread baskets and bed linens with their simple and beautiful JAGABABA patterns. We are very eager to get these gorgeous items in our BB houses!