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Meet Neža Cigale, our fauna and flora lover designer

Our second fashion and textile design student from the department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - University of Ljubljana is the nature lover Neža Cigale from Postojna. A perfect fit for her here in BIG BERRY Kolpa River.

Native from the countryside of Slovenia, in the region of Postojna - well-known for its caves - textile design is a childhood dream for Neža. Textiles, fabrics, forms and jewelry, she gets inspired by many things that surrounds her.

Her love for fashion truly reveals itself when she was in highschool among a memorable project inspired by floods, fluctuations and lake water. Now, she wishes to create, after her studies, her own textile brand connected with a particular thing that Neža likes: jewelry.

Nature, flowers, animals and everything that surrounds her are designing inspirations and also reminders of her beloved hometown village.

We hope that she enjoyed designing in the middle of this beautiful nature in BIG BERRY as much as we are pleased for having her with us.

Neza Cigale designing 

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