Luxury of freedom


Meet Andreja, our warmhearted BB Product Designer


Andreja is an Architecture student who joined the final spurt of our BB Design Year Project to create new elements for our resort. Guided by award winning product designer Simon Morasi Piperčić, the group successfully presented us their ideas for our beautiful resort. Andreja is studying in Ljubljana, but comes from a small town which she calls ‘’the most beautiful part of Slovenia’’ - Tolmin. It didn’t take her long to fell in love with BIG BERRY too. Just like Tolmin, our resort is surrounded by untouched nature and peacefulness which draws every individual who visits us a bright smile. Andreja is a creative person in love with art, and the combination with modern technology motivated her to decide for architecture as a stepping stone in her life. She always loved to express herself through drawings and has many albums of her work in order to keep all the memories. There are going to be lots more of them, because Andreja is planning to become a digital nomad after her studies and travel the whole world equipped with a laptop and her contagious smile.

‘’I think with architecture you need to create a better world, not just a better building.’’

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Our BB Product Designer has big plans also during her studies so she will replace Slovenia in January next year with Gambia. Andreja is going to use her skills to help build a school for children in need. Even though it’s gonna be an enormous cultural difference, she is motivated by the fact that it’s gonna change the lives of many people and everyone should have the right to achieve his dreams. Andrejas biggest childhood dream was to fly. Her hometown Tolmin is a paradise for parachuters so it’s not hard to guess where she found motivation. Drifting in the wind, overcoming fears and seeing the world as a bigger picture would be her definition of freedom. In our ‘’LUXURY OF FREEDOM’’, also known as BIG BERRY, Andreja and the other students created concepts for a BB Pavilion and a multifunctional BB breakfast basket. She said that their mentor Simon and his amazing work guided them very well.

‘’Intuition is the most important tool for designing, the emotions you feel during the process.’’

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We could really tell that Andreja enjoyed designing in the nature of our resort and she would love to have this kind of place near her faculty, in order to relax, forget about the worries and let the creativity flow doing wonders. Maybe we should think about a BIG BERRY resort in Ljubljana? For now, Andreja is always welcome to visit us again.

By Ivan Stimac