Luxury of freedom


Meet Ana, the adrenaline loving Ninja


Some people are full of life and their positive attitude affects others. This is our story about Ana Kulić, also known as Shinobi who joined us this week to participate and greatly contribute in BB Design Year. Ana is an interior and furniture designer that wanted to create something which will reflect her way of living. That's when Shinobi was born, a label which translates as Ninja and evolved from a small project for snowboard fashion to a highly anticipated brand. Some of the most notable Shinobi products are Hooded Towels and Hammocks, which our BB Product Designer was happy to present in our BIG BERRY Resort.

''In order to be Shinobi, you have to love life.''


SHINOBI 1 de 4

Currently, Ana concentrates on two major sports for her products: snowboarding and kitesurfing. These sports are practised in the mountains and beaches, which are her favorite places. The connection with nature including the warm sun, wind in the hair and fresh snow breezes is what Ana would describe as her LUXURY OF FREEDOM, same as BIG BERRY. It’s the opportunity to disconnect from everything and just live in the moment. To ride down a mountain, kitesurf in the ocean or longboard in our beautiful resort is what makes Ana a brave and agile Ninja in our eyes. Although these shadow warriors were hardly noticed by anybody in battle, our designer doesn't have problems to gain attention. As soon as she joined our amazing BB Design Year, Ana started with the designing process and told us what’s the most important tool for making creative innovations - the brain. She also pointed out that her mind is working non stop, which for us means ideas, ideas, ideas…

''I never had big dreams. I just wanted to be happy, whatever I’m doing.''

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Compliments weren’t lacking from Ana’s side either. She described our first BB Design Year as an ideal regional platform for designers with different experience, which create unique elements for our growing brand. The vision of seeing her very own designs as part of BIG BERRY made her eyes sparkle and her mind work faster than usual. A relaxing but productive designing session in the beautiful nature of our resort was the ideal way to bring that vision to life.

By Ivan Stimac