Luxury of freedom


Ivana & Marko Nedeljković - a match made in heaven

A creative person is a real treasure to find, but when it comes to finding a creative couple who successfully share their private and business lives, who share their passions and complement each other as Ivana & Marko Nedeljković do, that is nothing but pure magic.


Ivana, a philologist who dreamt of becoming an archaeologist and Marko, a journalist who dreamt of becoming a pilot, joined their forces, abilities and passions of exploring the world and run & edit KućaStil Online, online edition of KućaStil magazine from its start in 2014. A few years later, they even got married!


The KućaStil magazine was founded back in 1994 and after four issues it became the leading magazine in its target group in the region. For 25 years, the magazine has been delivering the best global and regional stories in interior and product design, architecture, lifestyle and creative ideas. The online magazine was launched in early 2014 as a standalone edition with completely original stories, but under the identical name as a print edition and as its natural and logical successor. Just one year after the launch, it has become the most widely read online magazine in the region in interior design, architecture and lifestyle, and holds the leading position to this day. This popularity also testifies to the fact that the topics they are dealing with have numerous, faithful and active audience – from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, and more recently in Croatia and Slovenia.

Ivana & Marko Nedeljković are with BIG BERRY since our beginnings in 2016. when they came to BIG BERRY Kolpa river resort - at the time a newly opened luxury resort in the middle of Slovenian Bela Krajina region, to make a report for their KućaStil online magazine. Afterwards, the collaboration continued with their media coverage of our beloved art&design related projects – BB Design year and BB Art colony 2018 & BB Art colony 2019. Three years ago they started creating travel reports and decided to check out what has changed since 2016 in BIG BERRY Luxury of Freedom.

The essence and basis of the BIG BERRY concept has remained unchanged, but so many new and quality things have been done since our last visit that it is truly a pleasure to watch it unfold.

Ivana & Marko are true representatives of BIG BERRY kind of people. Marko, who besides being editor in chief of KućaStil online magazine, works as a university professor in the field of journalism and presides the Center for Media Professionalization and Media Literacy, enjoys the most flexibility in life, the possibility to live a few lives at the same time and having an opportunity to accomplish a lot in so many different fields – from holding lectures at university on one day, over participating in a very important business meeting or event dressed in a formal suit, to being in shorts and T-shirt at an exotic destination for the weekend and preparing a report. 

And that's all your job. Your office is where you are, your work suit is your shirt and shorts, and journalism is at the heart of it all. I currently see such a situation as a privilege and it is definitely a scenario that I wish for at least in the near future. It motivates me. It gives me some additional strength and creativity.

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Ivana, KućaStil journalist and deputy editor is a trained philologist whose main passion is discovering cultures, people and all the beauty that humans ever created. She was drawn to art, design and creativity in general ever since childhood and she managed to fully express herself through a variety of journalist work.

I was lucky so far and I would like to be involved in these “prettier sides of life” because it enriches our spirit and makes our lives better and more beautiful.

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Both of them like to travel and to discover everything life has to offer. And they are almost impossible to stay unnoticed while travelling – you will recognize them by photo and video equipment (a lot of equipment) which they take with them no matter where they go. Accordingly, a significant amount of photo and video material is their biggest piece of luggage on their way home.

This amazing couple fuelled by their enthusiasm and curiosity has a strong connection with BIG BERRY brand, developed through 3 years of collaboration. We could freely say they know the brand to its essence, therefore we can’t wait to see the video they made for us in July 2019!

Every brand is made and worth as much as the people behind it. Our advice is to never give up gathering people with enthusiasm and innovative ideas who understand the essence of the brand and who share BIGBERRY values. Enthusiasm, shared values, originality and recognisability are driving forces for brands like BIG BERRY – those who set the trends instead of following existing ones.

Ivana & Marko enjoyed in Luxury of Freedom feeling, so characteristic for BIG BERRY – from BIG BERRY Houses, private hot tubs, BB Lounge Houses, BB BBQ House, Kolpa river and many, many more. BIG BERRY’s new special offers were the cherry on top – BB Night picnic and unique BB Drive-in movie night, which took place on a full moon night. Afterwards, they came up with a great idea – if they were curators of BB Drive-in movie nights, they would organize projections of “Only fools and horses” TV show and decorate space with a model of the famous yellow three wheeled van driven by Del Boy. Because their moto, at least in relationship with BIG BERRY, is a reinterpretation of famous Del Boy’s line:

This time next year we will be in BIG BERRY again.


Looking forward to following this amazing couple and having a chance to collaborate on future projects.

Watch their video about BIG BERRY, check their photos and read about their experience of making it.

Photo by: Ivana&Marko Nedeljković (KućaStil)