Luxury of freedom


Here is Richard - our filmmaking expert from England

If I'd have a chance to be a character of any film for a day, it would be…

Batman. Because he is really rich, has pilots and staff… So, yeah, he is rich, and he is strong, and he is a superhero, and I’m none of those things.


If Mr. B would be a person, he would look like…

I think he’d look like Janko: he’d have white hair and wear a burgundy suit. Kind of like the Monopoly man.


If I’d have a superpower it would be…

Time control. It’s just the best power because you can take as long as you want to get ready, you can stop time if you are late, rewind time if you did something stupid.


Of all BIG BERRY activities the most I enjoyed…

Our trip to Ljubljana. Because Lake Bled was really nice and it was a nice chill day. And I like chilling :)

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