Luxury of freedom


Big welcome to Dani - sport lover from Hungary

If I'd have a chance to come back to any place in the world, it would be…

The High Tatras in Slovakia. I really enjoyed it and the view of the mountains is amazing! Generally, I like to explore new places and I also prefer the natural surroundings, but if I’d had a chance to go somewhere again it would be this place.


Most of all from my home I miss…

training with my karate team. Even though now I feel well being far from home, but if I’d had a chance to jump back, that would be it. I do karate for a long time already and now it’s part of my life.


While staying in BIG BERRY most of all I enjoyed…

Canoeing. I really enjoy canoeing on the river Kolpa in the evenings. Sometimes we also can go to Croatia, which is just across the river. And it’s really fun!


If I’d be able to change something to the concept of BIG BERRY, it would be…

accommodation price. Sometimes I think that we need to share it with the wider group of customers.


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