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BIG BERRY Mastermind hosted Tonja Blatnik

The second edition of BIG BERRY Mastermind continued strong. Past weekend, May 13-14th, BIG BERRY hosted Tonja Blatnik, the founder of iUFC – Institute for Universal Future Communications and Influencer Marketing Executive at IEDC-Bled School of Management.

On the first day, Saturday, Tonja introduced her professional work and left a great first impression with her positive charisma. Later on, she continued with an interactive lecture about productivity, sharing some concrete tips about time management and how to achieve more by actually doing less.

Sunday was reserved for a practical part, where Tonja explained how to create a content hub inside organization or company, how to prepare the content strategy, which media should we include and how should we empower all members of an organization to actively contribute to the work. At the end, participants worked in teams. Feel free to watch whole Mastermind meeting on our youtube channel (link under the photo).

All in all, it was more than a pleasant and useful experience, thanks to Tonja's professionalism and knowledge. To know more about Tonia's vision for Institute for Universal Future Communications read more in the additional article "How to become a high-flying butterfly in the professional life?" (pdf under the photo) and watch the Interview.