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13TH BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018: GIG Coworking


On Thursday, 23rd of August, we had an amazing BB Mastermind session involving not one, but six Masterminds who shared with us the benefits of coworking community. The lovely girls from GIG Coworking were also involved in our BB Designyear, using their creative minds in order to create new ideas for our BB Product design.

‘’It’s important to be surrounded by people who understand your desires and struggles.’’

All the girls may work together in the same workspace and share their love for coffee, but they are all individual professionals. Andreja Uranič is a graphic designer that founded GIG Coworking together with Ana Berišaj, who is also a graphic designer and expert in visual communications. Urša Jazbinšek is an award-winning architect who often teams up with her colleague Aleksandra Saša Sadar, also an architect and versatile designer. The girl in charge of marketing activities for GIG Coworking who also works as an event manager specialized in baby showers is Jana Miklavčić. Last but not least is Petra Fleischman, an experienced translator and well known ‘’planner freak’’.

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‘’When similar energies collide, it’s such a strong bond.’’

It’s been an active week for our BB Masterminds, starting with designing and learning the story behind BIG BERRY. We were so happy that their positive and fun attitudes reflected also in this BB Mastermind event. The group started the presentation by explaining how a coworking community exactly works and why each one of them joined. This special kind of community connotes a coworking space that is shared by a number of people. Anyone who is in search of a quality working space and motivational atmosphere can be a part of the community in exchange for a monthly compensation. But it’s not only the office that you get. Our BB Masterminds explained how different people and profiles complement each other in GIG, which then leads to fruitful cooperation projects. Whenever someone needs advice regarding design, marketing or translation, help is just a few steps away.


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‘’We are connected with each other so it feels like we work in the same company.’’

In order to define GIG Coworking in the best possible way, the girls explained their concept through the pillars of BIG BERRY - Feel, join and create. Everyone can try out their coworking space for one day for free in order to feel the positive creativity flow in their community. If you are convinced that it’s a great solution for your business, it’s time to join the community and start creating your story! We found the idea amazing and think that everyone can benefit from this kind of coworking community.

Next BB Mastermind

BIG BERRY is looking forward to welcome its 14th Mastermind of the 2018 season, brand manager Maja Vukorep from Jana!