Luxury of freedom

21 Days Project

In BIG BERRY, we believe that a person needs 21 days to change any habit. 21 days? Why?

No! We’re not crazy! In the 1960s, plastic surgeon Maxwell Matz declared that it took his patients 21 days to get accustomed to their new appearance or to stop feeling a "phantom limb" (amputated).

Are you still not satisfied with this explanation? Ok, 21 days is the time it takes for stem cells to differentiate into new neurons in the brain. So, it’s getting more scientific now… This project is taken very seriously by BIG BERRY team and from now let’s change some of our habits!

Here are some examples of what can we do for this campaign:

- 21 days going to the gym;

- 21 days eating only vegetables;

- 21 days living as a guest in BIG BERRY;

- 21 days being

- 21 days being Janko our chef (a few hours a day)

- 21 days working in a cloudnesting company

Some of the examples are difficult to accomplish, but with commitment and preserverance, we get anywhere, climb any mountain and cross any river, regardless of its distance, height or depth. Shall we go for it!