Luxury of freedom


Dear #berry_tale creator!

B is a friendly fellow from BIG BERRY, Slovenia. Ever since the travel bug bit him, he is always in a search for new destinations to visit.

He has already traveled all around the globe, but there are still so many places left to discover. He doesn't like to travel alone so he is looking for travel buddies who will help him take cool snaps from different corners of the world. B loves to relax in nature, climb up the hills, conquer the mountain tops, swim in clear waters and chill on the sunny beach. He also enjoys discovering new places, roaming around cities, meeting new people and cultures. He is living in the moment, loves life and cherishes every second of it. So we think you could also learn something from him. Let's just say he holds some tricks up his sleeve!

B believes that a picture is worth a thousand words and he likes to share his travel photos on Instagram with #berry_tale, so that friends all around the world could see his adventures, support him and get inspired.

Whether you are planning to go on adventure of a lifetime or just taking a walk through your city, B is always ready to join and make you company while discovering the beauties of our amazing world!


So pack your bags and take mr. B, there is so much he still wants to see.

Grab your camera, don’t forget the maps and get ready for some cool snaps!

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