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The land of warm smiles

As our Olympic adventure is coming to an end, we decided to dedicate the last post of 21 Olympic Days to the most significant part of our South Korean adventure - the people.

Since in BIG BERRY everything is about the people - whether it comes to the guests, our BB team, partners, community, we are always focusing on local connections and the feeling, because people and mutual relationships are the ones creating and keeping everything together. As this being just one of our BB trips, we continue to feel the experience, join with the locals and create something unique, and, by that, staying true to BIG BERRY spirit.

mr. b in front of korean house                                  Mr. B in front of South Korea House

welcome              A welcome message at the entrance of South Korea House 

We have already mentioned that Korea is the land of the smiling roofs. While the smiling rooflines may add a cheerful touch to the architecture, the smiles of Korean people are the ones that will warm every heart during these cold winter days. One of the reasons why we could identify and adapt to Korean culture with an ease, is because the hospitality that they offer to anyone visiting their country. That’s why our South Korean local experience will carve into a good memory.

smiling ladies                                           Welcoming Korean ladies 

We dare to say that Olympics, in general, are more than just sports. It is an event that brings people together from all around the world and creates good stories, while denoting unity and connection. Judging by the atmosphere during Winter Olympics here in PyeongChang, the meaning and sense of this event has been justified. And thanks to the hospitality of South Korean volunteers, it wasn’t hard to get a welcome feeling.  

korean olympic volounteer team    The enthusiasm and hospitality of Olympic volunteers had been amazing

volounteers                     They were always there to help us out with an advice....

giving a hand                                    give us a hand...

showing directions koreans                                          ...and show us directions

Despite the language barrier, it has never been easier to be a foreigner in a country. In any situation, people are ready to go all the way to help a foreigner. Whether you’re wandering in the streets feeling lost, or just looking for a company, they will always give you a hand and offer the best they can. Considering the fact that whenever you go everything is written in Hangul and for an average person coming from any of the western countries, that can be very confusing and hard to decode. But, even though we encountered many situations where Koreans couldn’t speak a word of english, that didn’t stop them from helping us, even if it meant taking by the hand in order to show us what we are looking for.

getting lost in korea                                      We were getting lost quite often...

showing the way                             ...but people would always show us a way

One of the most challenging parts was using a taxi. Since taxis know no, or very little english, we always had to wonder if we will arrive at the right destination. But, thanks to the body language , very good internet connection and a lot of effort from us and the taxi divers, we managed every single time.

mr.B and a taxiCommunicating with taxi drivers wasn't the easiest thing to do, but everything is easier with a smile

There is something in the warm smiles of people in the street market, politeness of the lady at the tea house counter, and kindness of passers-by that made us feel like they deserve a credit for it, since very often those simple, but kind human qualities are being underestimated and not mentioned enough.

food market kind ladyPeople on the street markets would always have a warm smile to share with us...

food market                                      ...and to offer a good story

passenger                         We experienced pure kindness of passers-by

All in all, South Korea will stay in our memory as a truly friendly place, where people will offer you kindness without any special reason, but of a pure benefit of making you feel like home.

olympic signOur Olympic adventure will stay in the memory for the people's hospitality

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