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The land of the smiling roofs

As you walk down the streets in South Korea, visiting shops, restaurants or simply meeting local people, it’s hard not to notice mild and humble smiles on their faces. That kind of energy makes you want to know more about their culture and lifestyle.

But, if you look closer, you may notice that the people are not the only ones smiling, but also their houses. All South Korean roofs are curved at the ends giving the appearance of a smile. It is the land of happy roofs!

Our BB Olympic team visited Sungnyemun Gate, one of the Eight Gates in the Fortress Wall of Seoul, which is a perfect example of typical Korean smiling roof.

40113762682 7bbfa5b477 k             BB team visiting Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul, South Korea

smiling roof korea    Sungnyemun Gate as a perfect example of typical Korean curved roof

As a brand producing mobile houses, we couldn’t avoid noticing interesting Korean architecture, so we asked around to find out something more.

What intrigued us the most is that the traditional Korean roofs are made using only natural materials such as soil, stone and wood, just as the rest of the house, what makes them eco-friendly.

roofcorner                         Details on the curved roofs are truly magnificent

The concave roof outline is for aesthetic, but also for practical purposes, since the curvature allows extra sunlight to break into the house during winter, while in the summer it provides shade. From an aesthetic point, the roofline is designed to blend in with the environment and to follow the mountain curves.

smiling roofs            One smile wasn’t enough — this roof has five of them!

We could identify BIG BERRY houses with these characteristics, since they also strive to be eco-friendly and to blend into authentic local environment while becoming one with the nature and landscape. Whether it is the brown colour of the wood in the nature, blue colour of the sea or the orange colour representing urban lifestyle, they all tend to adjust to its surroundings.

Roofs of BIG BERRY houses might not be smiling (yet), but its logo which reminds of a wide and warm smile, is definitely the happiest one we’ve seen till now!

26272977838 b07696264d k                 Who has the bigger smile - Korean roofline or Mr. B?

BIG BERRY finds inspiration everywhere. So, who knows, maybe sometime in the close future you will be able to book your BIG BERRY smiling home somewhere in South Korean authentic environment, as one a BB destination.

So far, we loved the idea and the style of Korean architectural design, as it is very different from the BIG BERRY design style. Also, we could easily say that the smile-curved roofs are true reflection of the Korean people themselves.

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