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The art of using chopsticks

One of the biggest concerns of an average Westerner before going to any Asian country is probably if they packed an extra spoon in the bag, just in case they don't end up hungry if encountered with those two little sticks that are supposed to act like a fork. To most of people, skill of eating with chopsticks is like a special superpower, and we were no different in this case. Thankfully, in South Korea spoon is a part of every cutlery since it is used for eating rice, so we could have a plan B in case the attempt with chopsticks goes terribly wrong.

foodandchop                     First encounter with typical Korean chopsticks.

Did you know that only in Korea chopsticks are made of metal? Unlike the rest of the Asian countries which use wooden chopsticks, in South Korea is hard to find anything but metal ones. Besides, Korean style chopsticks are very flat and square shaped. For us, it was certainly a surprise and made us panic even more, because up until now we were not skilled enough even to eat with big, round, wooden ones. Differently designed chopsticks brought up a creative side of us, when we got inspired with ideas for the new, upcoming year of product design in BIG BERRY.

silverware  Chopsticks and spoons can often be found attached to the side of the table.

Another fact from Korean etiquette is that chopsticks are always placed on the right side of the plate and on the left side of the spoon, which is used for eating rice. Also, during the meal, chopsticks are never being stuck in the rice, but placed on the side of the bowl.

food                          Chopsticks are place on the right side of the plate

eating                                In Korea, rice is eaten with the spoon

But, why we liked idea of the chopsticks so much? Whether they are made out of wood, bamboo or metal, they are natural and long lasting. It’s easy to identify it with the BIG BERRY concept, where the houses are built and brand elements are made using natural, high quality materials.

Did you know that Korean stainless steel chopsticks can last for a lifetime? Just like BB house. And the main reason is that both are made of an excellent quality and easily sustainable materials. Plus, both are designed with the style.

Just like Korean silverware, BB kitchen is made of stainless steel and most of other house material is wooden, in order to secure the ensure longevity of the house. BB architects and designers make sure to harmonize sustainability with beautiful visuals. Besides, all the BIG BERRY partners are constantly helping to maintain and improve the whole idea of sustainable concept. While picturing BB house here in South Korea, we could easily imagine to have a partner that will provide us with different kinds of chopsticks. It would be a perfect touch to the brand, fitting in the whole spirit of the concept, which encourages the connection with the community and blending into the environment. Who would say that BB house and chopsticks would have so much in common?

Coming from a culture where having at least 3 or 4 types of different shaped cutlery for every dish is implied, we didn’t find eating all the food with just 2 sticks very promising. But watching Koreans do it with such an ease was very encouraging.

people   Korean people mastering the chopstick art - we are learning from the best

Untitled design 1   First step - Google how to use it.              Second step - trying to use it.

Finally, after a lot of unsuccessful attempts to eat in a Korean style, the progress is small, but visible. As soon as we manage to finish the entire meal only using chopsticks, we will report it immediately and you will be the first one to know! 

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