Luxury of freedom


Where do the mural paintings come from?

Mural painting by Jadranka Lacković,aka ojoMAGico - Credits: BB team

A legend says that during one winter evening a bunch of exhausted goblins came to the resort looking for a place to sleep. Believe it or not, they came with bicycles straight from an unknown place far, far away. Our BBteam agreed to welcome them and fortunately there were enough beds for all of them. Our BBhouses were full! The next morning, when our BBteam came to bring them our marvellous BBbreakfast, they were all already gone. They didn’t leave any trace except those mural paintings!

However, this is only a kids’ tale. The real story is even more fantastic! It was a part of the Art Colony project which began in April 2018. BIG BERRY hosted seven artist designers from Croatia, Slovenia and Spain for nine days, who came to BIG BERRY Kolpa River to paint the walls of our BB houses! The idea was to connect nature and our BB houses with a realm full of art, and to create mural paintings inspired by the idea of being free in nature. The result exceeded our expectations. Each of our designers brought their philosophy of art to create their version of being in harmony with nature.

Come visit us to feel this unique experience of freedom!

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