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Visit to Garlic Festival

Garlic - who would have thought that such a common and small plant has the ability to bring together a variety of people from our beautiful region Bela krajina and beyond? Don’t underestimate the power of this little remedy! Okay, the truth is that we didn’t really know all these benefits before this event, so we were delighted to learn more information at Izletniška kmetija Zupančič where the Garlic festival was taking place.

The team involved? Our leader and Yoga master Iva and ‘’young’’ Berries Tuuli, Javier and Ivan. The moment we arrived, it was clear that this was a special event, since many familiar faces showed up and our BB partners were part of the action. What did we notice second? The wonderful smell of garlic!

Visit to Garlic Festival

Visit to Garlic Festival2

Our popular and always-smiling Andreja Drakulič Veselič from Gostišče Veselič showed us how to make delicious cuisine with garlic. While we were busy with recording and taking pictures of her workshop, we noticed another familiar face appreciating Andrejas skills -  Boštjan Kočevar Kočo from Kmetija Kočevar. Just like garlic, his hemp products are also a remedy and he drew many interested people to his exhibition stand. The landscape surrounding Izletniška kmetija Zupančič seemed so peaceful and it was a joy to visit this open-air festival. Even tho the most activities were outside, Pogača workshops were taking place in the restaurant and we were so happy to see children participating. It’s so nice to see kids learning from elders nowadays, isn’t it? :)

Visit to Garlic Festival3

Visit to Garlic Festival4

The hosts of the festival were really creative (Just like us in BIG BERRY!) and we had the chance to see various paintings displayed with artists showing their skills on site. Every corner of the place was well used and offered many so activities.

There was also a special presentation from our future BB Chef  Polona Klančnik Pola which we considered as a preview. She is a real baking-queen and all ingredients that she uses are 100% natural and yummy! We enjoyed this special event and in the end we found ourselves happily smelling like garlic!

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