Luxury of freedom


The Local Connections with BIG BERRY

„BIG BERRY is about all that, but it’s about showcasing Bela krajina even more.“

             By: Drew &  Julie, UK

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The concept of BIG BERRY Resort, with its luxury landscape resort lifestyle, can be replicated anywhere, but no matter what, BIG BERRY Kolpa River will always be unique to Bela krajina. A BIG BERRY in Austria, for instance, would not include the same local ghee or delicious pogača, but rather typical cheese dumplings, or typical apple strudel. The amenities and features of the resort would be the same, but the experience in the region would be totally unique to that location. BIG BERRY concept is meant to fit every corner of the world. This combination of business, tourism and partnerships is sustainable and can adjust to every upcoming world trend, That's why it is called BIG!


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