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Sixth product designer of the 2018 season

After introducing Ana Golubić Brozović and Tomislav Brozović and their amazing brands BAGGIZ and KOMAD, it is time to introduce one more brand, 3na3! 3na3 is a graphic and product design company run by Tomislav. As 3na3 Tomislav came to design new BB items for us!

Ana and Tomislav spent a week at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort as part of our BB Design Year Project. The visit at BIG BERRY always starts with a full introduction: we walk our BB Designers around the resort and give them a mural walk presenting the colorful BB Art Colony houses. Afterwards, we present the BB Brand, the brand elements and our Design Year Project to them, in order for our designers to get familiar with the concept they’re going to design new things for!

BIG BERRY People DY 3na3 arrival

BIG BERRY People DY 3na3 bb house

Ana and Tomislav spent their mornings at the terrace enjoying their breakfast basket and creating amazing new designs for BIG BERRY. Since the first day of their arrival, Tomislav got a great idea for a new BB item: a banner sign outside of each BB House showing the number of the house. The banners have gotten inspiration from Japan, where shops and restaurants often have different kind of signages. Apart from showing the number of each house, the banners also bring more soft materials in the architecture.

The banners for houses are made of simple materials: wooden hangers and printed banner made of linen, the traditional material produced in Bela krajina. They are easy to mount and dismount, and the design of the banner can be changed according to special occasion or seasonal holidays!

BIG BERRY People DY 3na3 working at house

BIG BERRY People DY 3na3 working at the reception

Apart from the creative working time, Tomislav and Ana enjoyed the Slovenian nature to the fullest. Swimming in the Kolpa river and doing yoga under the beautiful old oaks at the end of the resort are the perfect activities to relax and reload energy. We believe that in the middle of the peaceful green nature is the best place for creativity and inspiration!

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