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Sixth fashion designer of the 2018 season

We have one more fashion designer story for this month! After Jona Bednjanec, our Queen of Knitting, we are introducing Tanja Pađan from KISS THE FUTURE. Tanja is a futuristic designer who likes to tell stories through her fashion designs.

Tanja came to visit us together with Jona Bednjanec and Nika Ravnik. At the resort they met our first product designer of this month, Jelena Necić from daskka. We had a mural walk that introduced them all to their workplace for this project – the BIG BERRY Kolpa River resort and it’s amazingly colorful and inspiring BIG BERRY Art Colony houses.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tanja Working


On the second day it was time for Tanja to really get to know BIG BERRY. First we introduced our designers to the brand and the BIG BERRY brand elements. Then we took them to a BIG BERRY partner Gostišče Veselič to enjoy delicious local food for lunch. The great day finished with some time all together at the terrace watching a football match.

On Wednesday we were joined by one more product designer, Nataša Dolejši. The day began with some peaceful time for designing before we headed to Črešnjevec pri Semiču for another delicious home-made lunch at Domačija Šrajf. After eating, the owner Sonja Škof showed us around in their museum of partisan history of Bela krajina. Tanja was truly impressed by the interesting history of this region and strong power and determination of local people through past! Besides designing, discovering local food and history, we were witnessing sport successes of our neighboring country Croatia on Football World Championship.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tanja Srajf people

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tanja Srajf walking

The next day we headed for more BIG BERRY activities at COF - coworking factory in Metlika. Alenka Tomašić, the project manager of Project Creativewear and Projekt TCBL told us how we can unite our creativity and cooperate with the project. After learning about the inspiring projects, it was time to go back to the resort and spend some creative time designing. BIG BERRY Design Year aspires to create a platform for creative people to network and join their forces, and in the evening we all got together to listen to Nataša Dolejši’s presentation about Dolejši modni gumbi, her button company and their new collections.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tanja COF

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tanja COF reading

Once more, BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort served as a great platform for development of regional design, thanks to our amazing designers who filled it these four days with creative energy and proved once more how art and design go perfect along with nature. Especially when the nature is as stunning as the one in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort!

Looking forward to see Tanja’s fashion creations for future BB outfits. BB Future seems to be very kissable!


By Tuuli-Maria Mäki