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Pottery experience at BIG BERRY Kolpa River

Credits: BBteam

On the 12th of June, our second product design team – composed of two fabulous designers – came to BIG BERRY Kolpa River with their atypical tool “Whispering”, which is a pottery wheel! Hana Karim and Janža Dolinšek come from Ljubljana where they have worked together since last year.

Setting up their materials on the grass in front of their BBhouse, this nice duo did not dawdle to get to work because clouds were coming towards us. It could’ve rain at any time! To make pottery, they brought a huge block of clay with them which was in a plastic bag, so it doesn’t get dry. Clay is a natural product dug from the earth. It is created from a mixture of minerals and all other ingredients of soil. The water pressure pulverizes those matters into fine particles which will form clay minerals.

There are many ways to do pottery, Potter is one of the oldest profession in the world! And today, our marvellous designers choose modelled their design with the assistance of a potter's wheel. All the process is amazing to see. You need to be handy and painstaking. A wrong movement could destroy everything you made for hours! So, you must be focused. This is how Hana and Janža were for long hours! We - BBberries - tried to form a bowl with our hand. We were very proud of ourselves even though we could not hold a candle to our two potters!

If you want to see more pictures of this pottery session, have a look here!