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Design adventures of Mr. B on Design District in Zagreb

As many of you already know, BIG BERRY has a strong passion for design but also a strong passion for supporting good work, good stories and good atmosphere. That's why we decided to go for a dose of creative inspiration on Design District Festival in Zagreb, located in the vibrant Martićeva street. This unique, multilayered and multidisciplinary festival, in its 3rd edition, offered much, from workshops, exhibitions and shops to a magical and easy going concert in the middle of neighbourhood.

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BIG BERRY team promoted our three creative projects, which we are tremendously proud of: BB Art ColonyBB Fashion Design and BB Product Design, and also, all our former participants: students from Faculty of Textile Technologystudents from Faculty of Natural Sciences and EngineeringCroatian fashion designer Dott.POKE studio, Hana Karim Design ceramics studio and Medprostor, architectural studio from Ljubljana.

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We used this opportunity to meet Tea Tadej, our designer who will participate in BB Product Design project in August and our Rina Barbarić and Sanja Stojković, artists who shared their mural magic through BB Art.Colony and .

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We were surely grateful to meet those creative people, support this festival and its goals of promoting design and other creative activities as those which encourage structural changes useful for the development of cultural, craft and manufacturing production, and to help the transition from a traditional economy towards a creative, sustainable and innovative economy which are so close to BIG BERRY's goals.

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