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Fourth fashion designer of the BB Fashion designer Project

July at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is again filled with creative designers! After amazing product designers Rok Žnidaršič and Jerneja Fischer Knap from Medprostor architectural atelier, we are proud to welcome our new fashion designer of the season, Nika Ravnik! Nika is a mindful designer who creates sustainable, zero-waste fashion that is thoughtful towards nature, which makes her a real BIG BERRY kind of designer.  

Nika arrived from Ljubljana together with our other two fashion designers Tanja Pađan from KISS THE FUTURE and Jona Bednjanec on a sunny Monday afternoon. At the resort they met our first product designer of this month, Jelena Necić from Belgrade based brand daskka. The first thing when arriving to the resort is to look around and have the mural walk to get to know the amazing BB Art Colony murals on the walls of our BIG BERRY Houses.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Fashion designers arrival EDITED

BIG BERRY Stories DY Nika mural walk

The second day was a full day of BIG BERRY experiences! First it was time to learn more about BIG BERRY with a presentation about the brand and the BIG BERRY brand elements. Then we headed to Podzemelj for a wonderful lunch at one of our great BIG BERRY partners Gostišče Veselič. We ended the great day all together at the terrace watching a football match.

On Wednesday our designer group grew with one more designer as our second product designer of the month, Natasa Dolejši, arrived. In morning Nika had time to relax and spend some time designing in the peaceful surroundings before we headed all together to have lunch at BIG BERRY partner Domačija Šrajf. We all really enjoyed the local food that was from Šrajf’s own garden picked just for us! After lunch the owner Sonja Škof took us around to their museum of partisan history of Bela krajina, where we learned about rich and interesting history of this amazing region. We finished this day together again with a football match that was very exciting as we were all cheering for our neighboring country Croatia!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Nika bb presentation

BIG BERRY Stories DY Nika Srajf

Thursday was the last day of activities at BIG BERRY and we started it at a very interesting place COF - coworking factory in Metlika where Alenka Tomašić, Project Manager of Project Creativewear  and Project TCBL introduced us with possibilities to cooperate and unite our creative forces! Also, we all got familiar with their praiseworthy project of employing socially vulnerable groups and possibilities to support their work.

After the interesting visit it was time to go back to the resort for lunch and some creative time for designing. We ended our last day with our product designer Natasa Dolejši’s presentation about her button company Dolejši modni gumbi and a cozy movie night afterwards!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Designers at Jazon

BIG BERRY Stories DY Nika sketching PROFILE

After four awesome days full of fun activities and creative work, it was time to say goodbye to our gentle, intelligent and lovely designer, Nika with who we spent enjoyable moments in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort’s relaxed atmosphere. During her stay, she created new BIG BERRY clothing for us and we can't wait to get our hands to them!

 By Tuuli-Maria Mäki